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The Rules

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, which accounts for a lot of their challenge and a lot of their appeal. The same cabinets, appliances, and surfacing materials can look entirely different in someone else's home than in yours. A written contract for a kitchen remodeling project protects both you and the contractor and should include several elements, agreed on by all parties. Your contractor will be a member of your household for the duration of the job, and the more clear your communication, the smoother the work should progress. Part two outlines the payment schedule and the owner's responsibilities. Include things like opening and closing the job site daily, unless the contractor has a controlled means of entry and working hours.

Kitchen contracts: What you need to know

"Our WOTV 4 Women crew member for remodeling is Jan Lehman of Standale Interiors. She has years of experience helping people navigate their home remodeling projects and she has tips to share for anyone getting ready to take on that kind of project.WOOD-TV"

If you have an important deadline, you may agree to a completion bonus if all, or a specified portion, of the work is done by that date. Important item to include is who has decision-making power. If either one of the homeowners can sign off on a decision. Agree on who will be responsible for side work and cleanup labor. This can include demolition of the old kitchen and the cost of Dumpster rental, clearing out the cabinets prior to work starting and a daily or weekly cleanup schedule. Agree on a payment schedule. It's standard for a contractor to require a down payment when work starts and a series of progress payments commensurate with work completed as the job progresses. 

A job that never ends

House cleaning a job that never ends. Part of approaching the job of house cleaning is to determine to do a thorough job. A dirty house can contribute the presence of a number of unpleasant elements in the air that can negatively affect the people living in the house and the areas around it. Allergens and bugs are just a few of the things that can negatively affect the members of a household. A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family. First of all, a dirty house is a germy house, and the best defense against the spread of illnesses is to keep the germs washed away. There are several benefits that you can receive when you choose to hire a cleaning service company to help you maintain your home, because most janitorial services companies offer more than just cleaning services to help improve your living conditions at your home. 

Goldstar Extreme Makeover: Clean Home Edition

"“What we're looking for is nominations form the community for either families, or an individual, or someone that they know that they feel could use a helping hand in their house,” said Goldstar Cleaning Services Owner, Jill Barclay. “Someone who a top ..."

It takes a certain skill to professionally clean a house. Just because, you know how to do your household chores it does not mean your house is spotless from the harmful bacteria that can harm your family. You will be rest assured that you will get a professional cleaner if you hire someone from a reputable maid service company or professional residential cleaning companies in your county. You will feel comfortable having our service staff in your home and they will use the most up-to-date cleaning methods and eco-friendly, all-green cleaning solutions to make your home sparkling clean and safe. Most employees of cleaning companies are also trained to know the best hygiene standards that should be practised in everyone’s homes. Most people have no idea about hygiene standards, and it is best to leave this matter to the professionals to ensure our family that they will live in safe and healthy environment once you have decided to hire a cleaning service company to maintain your home.

Prevent Fire

A space heater is a self-contained device for heating an enclosed area. Space heating is generally employed to warm a small space, and is usually held in contrast with central heating, which warms many connected spaces at once. Space heaters are usually portable or wall-mounted, and should be an electric heater in most cases, because natural gas or propane heating in an enclosed area is very dangerous without proper specialized ventilation systems. Heater fans and ceramic heaters are known to heat whole areas quickly and efficiently. Radiant heaters are better at providing heat in small, focused area. A convection heater is built for long-term, whole room heating. Electric fireplaces are also good at warming an area while adding a decorative element.

Firefighters warn of space heater safety as temps drop

"But Quincy firefighters warn that they battle dozens of house fires every winter from people misusing space heaters. The key danger associated with space heaters is when people put something that could catch on fire too close to the heater. To be safe ..."

In order to prevent house fires caused by space heaters, you should follow instructions accordingly, such as providing placing heaters at least feet from flammable items. Make sure you have smoke alarms throughout your home and that they are all working properly. Some space heaters have an automatic shutoff when they fall over or get too hot in order to help prevent a fire. If your space heater shuts itself off, you need to inspect it for a potential problem before turning it back on. Use a space heater that has been tested to the latest safety standards and certified by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory. These heaters will have the most up-to-date safety features; older space heaters may not meet the newer safety standards. An unvented gas space heater that meets current safety standards will shut off if oxygen levels fall too low.

Prevents Electric Shock

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI is designed to protect people from severe or fatal electric shocks. Because a GFCI detects ground faults, it can also prevent some electrical fires and reduce the severity of others by interrupting the flow of electric current. A "GFCI" is a ground fault circuit interrupter. A ground fault circuit interrupter is an inexpensive electrical device that, if installed in household branch circuits, could prevent over two-thirds of the approximately 300 electrocutions still occurring each year in and around the home. Installation of the device could also prevent thousands of burn and electric shock injuries each year.

Ask An Electrician in Salt Lake City – What Is a GFCI Outlet ...

"GFCI outlets were designed to help provide better protection against electric shock. This not only helps you avoid being electrocuted, but also reduces your"

GFCI protection is required in bathrooms, garages, unfinished basements, outdoor outlets and all outlets servicing kitchen counters. As the building codes and standards of practice have evolved, GFCI’s have been recommended in more places than they originally were. GFCIs are installed by an electrician in outlets and service panels. They monitor the flow of current to and from appliances. If there's an imbalance in the flow, because of a frayed wire, a ground fault or a faulty device, current may attempt to travel through you, but the GFCI will quickly cut power to prevent any serious injury.

Fresh new look

Remodeling your kitchen may sound like a big task, but it probably won’t be a difficult as you think it will be. Also, you’ll find that remodeling your kitchen can also bring you many bonuses. One of the best benefits of kitchen remodeling is that it will actually increase the value of your home. Most people don’t want a home that has an old style kitchen. When you remodel, your home value will go up and it will make your home more sellable as well if you ever need to sell. A kitchen remodel is considered one of the most popular home improvement projects that are performed today. An updated kitchen provides added appeal, luxury and increased value to your home. A remodeled kitchen can be the place to express your cooking creativity in style with state of the art appliances and maximum space functionality.

With Housing Recovering, Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

"If you choose to embark on this home improvement project, take heart in the fact that many experts say a modest kitchen remodel offers a higher level of return on investment than most other home improvement projects, especially if you do the work yourself."
Another great benefit of remodeling your kitchen is that you will essentially be getting a brand new kitchen. If you go the whole way with the remodel, you’ll feel like someone gave you a new kitchen. This may renew your love of cooking and will make the kitchen a much better place for everyone in the family to enjoy. The biggest advantage of remodeling your kitchen is simply the fact that having a kitchen that is beautiful and appealing to you makes the time you have to spend there preparing meals and cleaning up more enjoyable. No one wants to spend time in a dark, boring kitchen that is barely functional but, many people actually find themselves enjoying cooking if they can spend time in a bright cheery kitchen that meets all their cooking needs.

Unpleasant smell

Never conduct business in the bathroom. You will be distracted at best, and it can lead to awkward moments. If your boss tries to strike up a conversation in the bathroom, be polite but keep it short. Remember to flush frequently to avoid the embarrassment of stinking up the entire bathroom. Always wash your hands afterward. Do not leave toilet paper on the floor. Always wipe the seat after using. When you are entering a bathroom and someone is exiting at the same time, let the other person leave first. If there are unflushed remains in the one-person bathroom, flush before using, no matter how disgusting it looks. Then be courteous to others and flush before you leave.

Why Do Office Bathrooms Stink?

"Some of this is driven, I think, by people wanting to spend the least time cleaning it.” (Wall-mounted toilets, for example, are easy to mop underneath.) In addition, the durable fixtures available for commercial and office bathrooms are often less ..."

Bathroom office cleaning is one of the most important tasks that you can have performed in your office or retail building, and it is also one of the most often overlooked tasks. A clean bathroom will not only help with improving employee morale and productivity, but can also improve your customer’s opinions of your building and your business. Some of these areas are found behind the toilets, underneath the sinks, and on the sills of high windows. Due to heavy traffic, the floors of a public restroom need special attention. It is also the job of professional office cleaning services to sweep the floor of a public restroom and empty the garbage bins.Most important, bathroom office cleaning can protect you from causing illnesses in your customers and employees or from receiving fines or other citations from the local health department.

Beating the Sun in your home

Windows add distinction, elegance and light to any home. Window panes can be a great source of heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. . While increasing the visual appeal and aesthetic value of your home, you'll also be reducing UV damage to carpets, furniture all while reducing your heating and cooling requirements. To keep those home furnishings and decorations looking their best, a window film with a high percentage of ultraviolet light rejection would be a good choice. Many films can now block almost 99 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight is just bad for you. It can cause deterioration of the skin which leads to premature aging. It can also cause dry skin which involves itchiness and rashes, not to mention the increased chance of skin cancer.

Press Release - Atlanta Tinting Company The Tint Guy Offers ...

"NORCROSS, GA, October 23, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Tint Guy, an Atlanta window tinting company, offers complete residential and commercial window"

Residential window tinting is a great improvement to your home, it protect your home as well. Accidents happen, but with home window tinting, a broken window doesn’t have to be dangerous. Since window tint covers entire panes, broken glass stays in one piece, greatly reducing chances of injury from glass shards. Home window tint keeps children safe, plus cleanup and removal can be done in one piece. Window tint also deters break-ins. Home window tinting makes your windows more durable, and, since broken glass is held together, even a thief that succeeds in breaking a window is still faced with a solid panel of glass and tint.

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